Apple Will Take 53% of TSMC’s 5nm Chip Production In 2021

Image: Counterpoint

Just recently, Counterpoint Research released a report summing up the estimates of the 2021 Foundry industry, revealing the return in the Foundry industry was up 23% last year to $82 billion. According to the data, TSMC should grow from 13% to 16% in 2021 with the industry’s overall growth rate.

Samsung Foundry is expected to post a 20% gain in 2021 revenue, with the chips ordered for other Samsung projects and those shipped to firms like Qualcomm and NVIDIA.

Apple is expected to become TSMC’s top 5nm customer in 2021 estimating 53% of production thanks to the A14 and A15 Bionic chips.

Contrary to the 5nm wafers, 80% of which are used for smartphones, 7nm chips are used more widely with only 35% of production used for smartphones.

TSMC’s top customer for 7nm will be AMD with 27% of such production, while NVIDIA is next with 21% followed by MediaTek at 10%, and Intel with 7%. 

According to the same Counterpoint data, Intel decided to outsource in order to keep the long term endurance of the chipmaker. 

6% of TSMC’s 7nm output in 2021 will go to Apple for the production of some of its handsets.

Finally, Counterpoint marks annual revenue in the industry encompassing $100 billion by 2022-2023.

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Apple Will Take 53% of TSMC’s 5nm Chip Production In 2021
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