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Apple’s Plans: Headphones That Switch Seamlessly From Wired To Wireless


This week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a new patent Apple applied for. This time it’s about wireless and wired headphones, suggesting that the rumor of leaving out the headphone jack on the next phone is more than just a rumor #mobilemagic

Their idea is to switch seamlessly from wireless, Bluetooth headphones to wired headphones and viceversa. First, the headphones, whether they’re on-ear, in-ear buds or over-ear, would detect flawlessly the device to which they’re supposed to connect in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth mode; secondly, this would happen in an instant, without the music or call having to be paused during the transition.

In wired mode, they would be attached to the iPhone through a single, Lightning connector. The same, one cable, would be able to transmit audio and charge the headphones helping the user use them continously.

As simple as it sounds, if the technology is made reality, it would completely change the way you interact with the music you listen to, the calls you take in headphone mode and the device itself.

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