AppleTV+ To Launch True Story Series About Woman Who Hunts Incels and Future Terrorists


Apple announced that they’re preparing a new limited series on Apple TV+, one based on the true story of a woman who infiltrates online hate groups and has caught multiple domestic terrorists.

Apple TV Plus’ “The Savant” will star Jessica Chastain in the role of a secretive investigator who is tasked with infiltrating online communities to hunt for men likely to commit violent attacks or mass shootings.

The true story of The Savant is based on an article published in 2019 in Cosmopolitan. The original story, written by reporter Andrea Stanley, was titled “Is It Possible to Stop a Mass Shooting Before It Happens?” and revealed to the public the existence of K, the investigator in question.

 K is based on a childhood nickname but the investigator is known by authorities as The Savant. Her moniker was earned due to her talent of discovering which internet troll or incel has the potential to be a mass murderer. The Savant’s work was recognized even by the former FBI head, Robert Mueller, and she keeps a commendation letter from him in her desk.

To protect K’s identity, the reporter did not reveal too many personal details about her,  though this short description does sound like something I’d love to see from an actor of Jessica Chastain’s caliber.

“She’s wearing a gray T-shirt, jeans, black boots, gold hoop earrings. Her height, her brown hair—it’s all normal, unremarkable. She looks how she looks, which is not like a top secret agent hunting murderous internet villains but also not not like one. She projects a low-key confidence that makes me feel like she could put me in a headlock.”

Apple TV+’s The Savant Series does have the potential to be a fascinating modern-day thriller and hopefully a more in-depth look into the life of this fascinating, mysterious investigator. While we do know The Savant will have 8 episodes, we don’t know how close to reality or the original article it will be, as Apple themselves highlighted in the announcement.

“Inspired by a true story published by Cosmopolitan, the storyline and character details are being kept under wraps for “The Savant,” which will be written and showrun by Emmy Award nominee Melissa James Gibson (“Anatomy of a Scandal,” “House of Cards,” “The Americans”), whose overall deal is based at FIFTH SEASON,” wrote the company.

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*Photo of Jessica Chastain at Festival de Cannes by MisterHP7 via Wikimedia Commons

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