Asus, one of the main exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) each year, didn’t hold back this year either.

The company introduced one of the most interesting Xbox PC controllers we’ve seen so far – the ROG Raikiri Pro.

The Asus ROG Raikiri Pro stands out thanks to a small display on the top side, which will show the status of your battery, help you swap profiles or even display custom animations.

The display is really tiny, coming in at just 1.3 inches, but that makes sense considering the small space left on the default Xbox controller. Still, since it’s an OLED, it does look great and, functionality-wise, it will make checking essential info much easier.

You can see some of the ideas behind making the Asus Raikiri in the video for the launch event if you skip at about 1:36:00.

Other than the OLED display, the ROG Raikiri Pro is also the first Xbox-licensed controller that offers tri-mode connectivity – Bluetooth, a 2.4Ghz RF mode and wired USB-C. While you can use the ROG Raikiri Pro as an Xbox controller with a USB-C cable, the rest of the functionality seems designed for the PC.

The ROG Raikiri Pro has all the goodies you’d expect – two top buttons for switching profiles, button remapping, customizable trigger modes and programmable rear buttons, all controlled from the Asus Armoury Crate PC app. Oh yeah, and there’s also a 3.5mm jack, a dedicated mute button and built-in ESS DAC.

The only thing we need to know now is how much is the ROG Raikiri Pro but that will probably happen soon, since the launch is scheduled for the first part of this year.

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Asus Launches ROG Raikiri Pro, An Xbox PC Controller with Its Own Display

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