Asus Zenfone 8 Updates Improve Camera and Call Quality

Asus Zenfone 8 Updates Improve Camera and Call Quality

Asus Zenfone 8 debuted as one of the strongest Android phones of 2021 but that doesn’t mean the launch or the product was flawless. In fact, Asus is updating the phones over the air as we speak, with the recent series of updates improving the camera and call quality.

While the flip camera that defined the last Zenfone handsets didn’t ship with the vanilla Zenfone 8, as we initially thought, the phone didn’t disappoint. Its dual rear cameras did double duty, the main acting as a tele while the ultrawide picked up the macro camera’s load.

Users who got the Zenfone 8 regardless (or purchased the Zenfone 8 Flip) should be happy to know that Asus didn’t stop there. They kept on making over-the-air updates to the phones, starting with the camera quality. Buyers should see a change when they’re taking pictures, as well as during the times they are on a phone call. The company looked into that, too.

The smaller Zenfone 8 also got VoLTE support for three European carriers, as it follows:

  • Enabled VoLTE on Telekom, Germany (Zenfone 8 only)
  • Enabled VoLTE on Tele2, Russia (Zenfone 8 only)
  • Enabled VoLTE & VoWiFi on O2, Czech Republic (Zenfone 8 only)

And while they were at it, ASUS fixed some major issues with the ROG Phone 5. Most of the bugs people complained about were resolved thanks to a security patch with firmware version 18.0840.2104.47.

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Asus Zenfone 8 Updates Improve Camera and Call Quality
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1 Comment

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