Huawei P50, M-Pencil, Coming on June 2

Before Honor 50 can make a splash, Huawei is holding a big event this June 2nd. The company plans to introduce customers to Harmony OS and announce Huawei P50, M-Pencil, and their new tablet, as well as their newest watch.

Considering the hot waters they’ve been swimming in since the U.S. banned them from trading with American companies, it will be interesting to see if they can make up for the lost market share with the new operating system. Many are skeptic, in view of Google’s prestige, ease of use, and of course, a stable and rich ecosystem.

In the land of tablets, Huawei will try to snag a place with the MatePad Pro 2 and its new M-Pencil. The tablet should be powered by the Kirin 9000, offer 40W SuperCharge and come along with an improved stylus with a translucent pen tip.

When it comes to phone, Huawei will want to gain people’s trust once again with a great handset. In years past, Huawei made and shipped powerful phones, with amazing camera results. This could happen again, as the Huawei P50 is said to come with an impressive Sony IMX800 1” sensor… although they are hardly the first to boast such camera performance.

Recently, Sharp’s Aquos R6 made it to Japan with a same-size sensor from none other than Leica. Plus, the phone sported the world’s first Pro IGZO OLED 6.67” screen which supports a dynamic refresh rate between 1Hz and 240Hz – quite the stunner!

With that in mind, Huawei P50 has to move mountains to get back on the horse and in top global phone sellers. Nothing is impossible, though – this pandemic has certainly proven that.

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Huawei P50, M-Pencil, Coming on June 2
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