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Motion Sonic, Sony’s Controller for Musicians, Is Now on Indiegogo

Sony is not the typical company you’d associate with crowdfunding projects. Yet, Motion Sonic, one of their edgiest products yet is on Indiegogo right now.

What is Motion Sonic?

Motion Sonic is the name of the new controller from Sony. Not for PS5 or a futuristic console this time around, but for any musical instrument you want to enhance. Musicians will find that once wearing this gadget they can give their hand motions specific effects that can take the musical experience one step further.

The device itself is just a small capsule that is afterwards inserted in different bands to either go around the wrist or wrap around the back of the hand.

Motion Sonic effects and price

Once on, you can link the effects you want to certain gestures, all through an iOS app. For example, a piano player can choose the band that wraps around their palm and a delay effect to go live when fingers go from left to right.

A guitar player, however, will do a much better job with a wristband and a pitch effect that applies when the player rolls their wrist.

No matter the effect chosen, once it’s set in the Motion Sonic app, users have to connect the iPhone to the instrument with an audio interface.

I believe we can create new entertainment never seen before with Motion Sonic and I’m so excited to create a new culture with you!

Heesoon Kim, project lead

How much does the capsule cost? The first 400 units will go for $218 (23,900 yen) while the retail price will be 30 dollars more, $248 and 27,200 yen respectively. The Core device will ship with both bands from the get-go so you won’t have to pay for them separately or choose just one.

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Motion Sonic, Sony’s Controller for Musicians, Is Now on Indiegogo
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