Audi Smart Factory: How Drones, AR And VR Gears Are Building Cars

Audi Smart Factory

German automaker Audi has spoken about its intent on building a Smart Factory last year. There, drones, robots, virtual reality and augmented reality headsets would help them build cars. Now, a video from the factory shows some of the features in detail #automagic

The German automaker is in the process of finishing its Smart Factory. Drones are already transporting steering wheels from one place to another, while employees are using Vive and Google Glass to read instructions and work faster. Audi’s intention is to use the latest technology to revolutionize the car manufacturing process. This modular assembly concept is going to use robots to do most of the work while humans supervise and handle creative tasks.

The company believes that big data and robotics will increase efficiency, even if it may leave many human workers without a job. By using 3D printing, Audi has started processing metal powder, print steel and aluminum parts. A LBRinline goes underneath cars and puts screws in place, saving workers from back pain. Automated guided vehicles with laser scanners move goods from the warehouse to the assembly line. Audi also envisions cars that drive themselves off the production lines.

In a couple of years, Audi’s Smart Factory is going to set the trend for other car factories (if all goes as planned), where machines take care of repetitive tasks, decreasing manufacturing time.

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