Audi Will Turn A Car Into A Private Cinema At CES 2019

Audi is just one of the automakers getting ready for CES 2019 and you should definitely keep an eye on them.

Because driverless cars will be an undeniable reality very soon, Audi says that “occupants will have ‘free’ time in the car in the future, in which they can use the next generation of in-car entertainment.

That’s why the latest press release mentions that Audi will bring at CES 2019 not one but two entertainment concepts.

The first is “a completely new entertainment format where the journey is the destination,” while the second is called the “Audi Immersive In-Car Entertainment” and kicks in while the car is stationary. Called a “next-gen drive-in movie theater,” this project will essentially show off how easy you can enjoy streamed content (think Netflix) in the comfort of your own car.

However, it’s worth noting the teaser above, which shows Audi working with Disney to prepare a surprise for CES 2019 attendants. Disney has long worked on their own streaming platform to take on Netflix and Amazon but also has a history with AR and VR apps.

Since the latest Audi tease says “a completely new entertainment format,” something tells us we’ll see a mixed reality application in the Audi e-Tron, an electric SUV covered in screens.  Not to mention that Disney owns the Tron franchise, which should be another clue on what to expect.

You’ll find out just how new and revolutionary the Audi Disney collab, in early January once CES kicks off, so stay close for our coverage.

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