Axon 7 Max

Axon 7 Max, First Smartphone With Secure Live Finger Detection Technology

Smartphones equipped with fingerprint scanners are no longer a novelty or a reason of excitement. In fact, it has been proven that hackers can easily clone your fingerprints and gain access to your mobile phone. So, even though it’s the easiest biometric system to enable on a phone, are we brave enough to take the risk? Banks don’t think so, with multiple ones in Singapore implementing voice biometrics.  Meanwhile, smartphones are starting to rely on your iris when it comes to authentication – just remember Samsung Galaxy Note 7 selling point. But what about life finger detection? Axon 7 Max is the first phone to invest in a more secure way of analyzing your fingerprints, instead of concentrating on a different biometric signature #biomagic

Goodix is the inventor of the live finger detection embedded in the recently launched Axon 7 Max. The tech is integrated in a single die structure and can be covered in glass or other materials. The company says it is reliable and durable, since the sensor integrates both fingerprint and optical sensors in the same package. The optical sensor is used to detect whether the fingerprint presented is fake or not by checking the tissue with infrared light.

The system on Axon 7 Max can even be used with payment apps such as AliPay and WeChat Pay; Goodix says it provides a much better security than the common fingerprint authentication method.

It sounds great, but can it beat an embedded iris recognition technology? A fingerprint has 40 unique characteristics to analyze (and fake), while an iris has 256 with even twins sharing different iris textures.

Probably the best solution for the end user is a mix of Live Finger Detection from Goodix and an iris recognition technology with liveness and spoof detection, like the one FotoNation has developed.  Consumers would trust biometric solutions much more if they’d see that their banking transactions can be done with maximum of security using not one but two authentication methods, wouldn’t you agree?

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Axon 7 Max, First Smartphone With Secure Live Finger Detection Technology
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