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Rumor: Samsung S8 Might Come With 90% Screen-to-Body Ratio

Samsung S8 might be the next smartphone with bezel-less display. After Xiaomi unveiled its gorgeous Mi MIX, it appears the Korean manufacturer will increase the screen-to-body ratio of their next flagship to 90% next year #mobilemagic

According to a report from The Investor,  Samsung S8 will have an OLED display that will cover almost entirely the screen size. At the iMiD 2016 (International Meeting on Information Display) exhibition in Seoul this year, one of the top engineers at Samsung talked about an edge-to-edge display release in 2017, without specifying which device will come out with it.

Besides, Park Won-sang, one of the main engineers at Samsung Display Co., had various concepts on hand, boasting that the company will be able to manufacture a 99% screen-to-body ration in the next couple of years.

The news seems to confirm another rumor circulating this week. Samsung is supposedly ready to remove the home button (and with it the fingerprint scanner) on their next device, an understandable decision if they do want to increase the display area. The next login technology should allow fingerprint recognition from the screen.

Samsung S8 is expected to arrive at the next MWC 2017.

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Rumor: Samsung S8 Might Come With 90% Screen-to-Body Ratio
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