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Apple Event: iPhone SE and iPad Air on a Budget, Most Powerful Mac Studio to Date

All the rumors were true. Apple March Event confirmed the arrival of a more performant iPhone SE and iPad Air while still keeping it budget-friendly and the debut of the most powerful Mac Studio to date.

Besides these three product reveals, Apple also came out with a Studio Display, a 5K monitor of 27 inches we recently talked about.

So what’s the conclusion after yesterday’s Apple event?

The company upgraded their entire line-up, making sure to keep some products in the price range customers were comfortable with while raising the prices on revolutionary devices.

Apple March Event: iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air 5

The 4.7-inches iPhone SE’s price was bumped up by $30, selling for $429 (£419, AU$719) this March. For that money, you get the same ol’ design with a home button and Touch ID but more performance.

Apple has outfitted the budget iPhone with a flagship A15 processor, while making sure the camera and battery are better than on its predecessor.

Meanwhile, the new iPad Air has kept a similar design to its late brother but improved its performance with an M1 chip. The ultrawide camera caps at 12MP and there’s 5G connectivity to consider. Unlike iPhone SE though, the iPad Air 5 starts at $599 which is exactly the same as last year’s.

Apple March Event: M1 Ultra chip, Mac Studio

There’s a new Mac Studio in town! Not only are we getting a refreshed one, but the most powerful one to date thanks to the addition of the brand new M1 Ultra chip. That’s a chip that doubles on performance.

It comes with a 20-core CPU, made from 16 performance cores and 4 high efficiency cores, a 64-core GPU and up to 128GB support. However, Apple says that by combining two M1 chips you’ll use less power than if you were to employ two separate chips.

That M1 Ultra chip powers up the high-end version of the new Mac Studio, starting at $3,999 (£3,999, AU$6,099). That’s not at all cheap but you do have a vanilla option at your disposal, priced $1,999.

The Mac Studio looks like two stacked Mac Minis, comes with an impressive cooling system, 6 Thunderbolt 4 ports, an SD card slot.

Finally, the unexpected but definitely welcome Mac Studio Display. This one has the same profile as the 24-inch iMac but comes at 27 inches, with an A13 Bionic chip, a 12MP webcam, mics, six speakers and four USB-C ports.

The stand sells separately, of course. Oh and this monitor doesn’t come cheap, either – the device starts at $1,599 and can be ordered as we speak, with shipping starting on March 18.

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Apple Event: iPhone SE and iPad Air on a Budget, Most Powerful Mac Studio to Date

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