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BangFit Is The Only Fitness App You Won’t Instagram About

The more progress you make in the gym… the more you want to share it with your friends. While showcasing abs and weights is socially acceptable, bragging about using BangFit, a new app from Pornhub, might raise questions at work… #objectmagic

How it works: you get a belt that has a port to attach your smartphone. Before doing that, you have to join the BangFit game a.k.a suggested sexercises here  , and then sync the game to your phone. Once you’re done, you simply have to start the game on your phone, select 1/2/3 players and get it going. After you complete a session, the app will tell you how many calories your burned in this satisfying way.

Pornhub says the actual belt will be available soon, as for the app it’s still in beta testing…

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