Barbie Is Now a Robotics Engineer, Teaches Coding to Kids

Mattel has partnered with Tynker to create a robotics engineer Barbie that will encourage young girls to consider a STEM career and learn how to program.

The newly-launched robotics engineer Barbie is available in four different models at $13.99 as part of the Career Dolls line, where you can also find Scientist Barbie or Astronaut & Space Scientist Barbie.

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Even better, in order to encourage better STEM participation in young women, the Mattel-Tynker partnership also provides the chance to learn real coding skills online. Using game-based activities and functional code, Tynker lets young girls learn the basics of programming and coding logic through six Barbie-themed lessons.

“It’s critical that all young learners have an opportunity to explore the possibilities available in STEM fields, and Tynker’s Barbie programming experience is a valuable tool to introduce kids of all ages to these concepts while building their coding skills,” explained Krishna Vedati, Tynker’s co-founder and CEO.

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