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BBC Is Going To Live Stream in Space Tomorrow

ISS space view
Tim Peake/

The world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and the first to introduce a fully electronic television system in 1936, BBC, will take another leap, this time in space. The British public service television will pioneer live-streaming in space, tomorrow.

British astronaut Tim Peake will view, along with two other colleagues, the Scotland vs England Six Nations rugby match on the International Space Station, live from Murrayfield. BBC is working with the European Space Agency (ESA) to transmit the game 400 km above Earth at 4:50pm, UK time, the official hour of the sporting event.

This is not the first time astronaut Tim Peake has been the centre of attention on ISS. He made his fellow countrymen proud when he was accepted in the program after six years of training and two decades of zero British “footprints” in space. Last month, he became the first englishman to exit the ISS and do repair work in the exterior, a grueling,  six-and-a-half hours task.

Expect Major Peake’s written in the stars views on the match tomorrow, on Twitter. 


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