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Watch The Hypnotic Effect You Get From A Video By Swinging an iPhone

A creative 25-year-old skier has accomplished with his iPhone what many videographers try to get from GoPros. Nicholas Vuignier took his iPhone for a ride on the slope, recording every moment … in circles.

Vuigner spent two years working and adjusting a 3D-printed rig, called Centriphone, that would allow him to attach his phone to a bunch of string and then swing it in the air for a 360 degree effect, while going downhill. It might sound a bit chaotic and dangerous at first, but Nicholas says he never broke a device during his tests and the final video is the opposite of turbulent. The footage gives a slow-motion vibe, an almost hypnotic effect, because the smartphone is moving extremely fast.

As commenters on his YouTube video got excited about the commercial potential of a Centriphone, Nicholas added that he hopes to make it available as a 3D printed template in the future.

This shooting mode could become a trend in skateboarding, freestyle BMX and other extreme sports that give a spectacular POV.

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