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Benjamin Button Camera Uses AI To Capture Only The Best Childhood Moments

benjamin button camera

Kids grow so fast, that just when a parent starts enjoying a phase of their lives, the moment slips away. It’s hard to pin down childhood moments, even when you have a camera nearby. The Benjamin Button start-up knows that, so it developed a camcorder that can select exactly the scenes parents and children will enjoy watching later #fotomagic

benjamin button camera

The Benjamin Button camera looks like an over-sized button. And as a button, it has a clip-on. You can add it to your kid’s t-shirt, to see the world from his point of view, or carry it yourself during playtime. More than a hands-free camera, this wearable is capable of editing the footage it captures. See, it’s equipped with a software that can pick the best shots of the footage captured so you don’t have to do it.

Computer vision software enables it to recognize sound and motion, so it can focus on the most active moments, while facial recognition helps the camera distinguish between family members and strangers. Once you’re done filming, the footage is kept on the 16GB internal storage until you decide to transfer it via USB Type-C. The film is processed while the camera charges. Alternatively, you can do your own editing through the Benjamin Button app.

The camera itself can record up to three hours of video in 1080p at 25fps. During recording, the Wi-FI is disabled for children’s protection. It comes in a waterproof BPA-free plastic housing and can be picked up from the company’s Kickstarter page. If you hurry, you can get it for $179. Later on, it should retail for $240.

The company’s future plans are to release emotion recognition for their product via software update.

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