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Best New 2021 TV Shows: Ready for More American Gods?

We hope you didn’t finish counting all your presents, cause Streamland and Victor, our host, have one more in store for you. 

We went through our TiVo Stream 4K dash, which is nice and tidy, and Victor’s bookmarks bar, which is a mess bigger than 2020, to find the best new TV shows coming next year.

With everyone wrapping up 2020, we thought it would be nicer to look to the future, cause there’s a lot going on. Scroll on and hit play!

We’re starting 2021 on the right foot, with The Watch premiering on BBC America right on January 1st.

This is a series which has been in development limbo for quite some time, even before 2020, because the source material it’s based on is insane…and has a humongous fan base just waiting to complain about any inaccuracies.

Then, there’s Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime, so dust off your Tolkien facts, cause the one series to unite them all…or start a flame war.

Amazon will spend about 1 billion on this just to make sure every fan disappointed by Peter Jackson gives it a chance.

We also talk about WandaVision: Disney+, Cowboy Bebop and some really surprising remakes, so hit play!

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Best New 2021 TV Shows: Ready for More American Gods?

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