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Big Basketball Fan? Facebook’ Latest Hidden Game Will Make Your Day!


A month ago we were discovering the first of multiple (as it seems) Facebook Messenger games, hidden in plain view. To access the chess board with your friends you had to type in several commands.  This time, a basketball game available in the app is simpler to play by just pressing an emoji. 

game fb mess

First, update the app to have the latest version installed then select the emoji and send it to your friend. From that point on, you simply have to press down the symbol and swtich from a boring conversation to a game of hoops. Give it a nudge and launch the ball to the hoop; if you succeeded, you’ll be rewarded with a thumbs up but if you miss, here comes the rain of sad emojis.

Try it yourself and don’t be surprised if, after 10 successful hits, the backboard starts shaking – it’s just the basketball spirit.



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