Binky Is Like A Nicotine Patch For Social Media

binky social media

Do you ever stop and think what draws you to Social Media in the first place? What makes you scroll incessantly on Instagram? What makes you give likes and hearts to every single post on your Facebook timeline? And do you ever discover that instead of talking with friends, you’re mostly clicking? It’s the passing of time doing nothing that attracts you to Social Media, not the possibility of socializing. And for this, you don’t need several accounts just one simple app like Binky #mobilemagic

Binky is the anti-social media app. Here, posts are Binks, generated by the app, not posted by some friend. You can comment, like and share them but they don’t go anywhere. Seriously. All your interactions hit a wall. You can even swipe right and left and nothing happens. This becomes painfully clear when you try to share or better said, re-Bink. Suddenly, a message appears saying “Do you want to re-bink this bink? This doesn’t do anything.”

So, what’s the purpose of this app? To satisfy your unconscious need for scrolling and viewing things. Or maybe just cure you of that FOMO. Dan Kurtz, the creator, explains: “It started out as a joke. […] As soon as I started showing it to people, they said it felt a little bit like a nicotine patch for social media”.

A free app that gives instant gratification to all of us who log in just to see some pretty pictures. It’s void of negativism, hate, celebrity or political news. It should relief stress, like a fidget spinner. But as therapeutically as it is, can it really replace our need to find out what the “neighbor” is doing? How much can you abuse it until you go back to the old habits?

There’s one way to find out – get the app of App Store or wait for it to appear in the Play Store. it won’t be long now, according to Kurtz.

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