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Bionic Hand Lets Users Feel Their Fingers Once Again

Amputees will no longer get attached by the idea of a phantom limb if Canada’s Simon Fraser University bionic hand project becomes widely known. That’s because their prosthetic limb can make them feel their fingers again #todaymagic

The so-called M.A.S.S. Impact (Muscle Activity Sensor Strip) starts with an armband filled with pressure sensors that detect movements in the remaining muscles to create algorithms that decode his or her intentions. Its software can also use incoming data to make predictions and know before hand what it should do in given situations.

The first M.A.S.S. Impact device was tested by Danny Letain, paralympic skier. He said that the bionic hand helped him feel “his left index finger and little finger for the first time” since the accident he suffered. “Armed” with it, he will undertake Cybathlon challenges in Zurich this October.

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