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SkinTrack Transforms Your Whole Arm Into A Smartwatch

Unlike smartphones, smartwatches don’t require extra space and come with a series of health tracking perks. But all of them are too tiny – you have to be extremely careful when you select an app or make a call from them. A team of researchers thought about extending their display size to your… forearm #objectmagic

SkinTrack is a technology that allows a smartwatch to consider your arm a touchscreen and thus, an extension of it. By wearing a ring on one of your fingers, you allow the object to communicate with one of the smartwatch’s sensors. You create an instant response on your skin, as an electrical signal is sent through the arm. The watch is then able to triangulate the location of the finger and soon, you can move apps on your hand and even play games on a much bigger surface.

The tech developed by Future Interfaces Group even allows you to control calls from your skin, silencing those you want to ignore by drawing an “S” on your skin. It may not be comercially available yet, but we’ll keep you posted if that changes.



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