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Bring Dinosaurs Home with the Google AR App

Even though lately the news has focused mostly on VR and dedicated headsets, augmented reality (AR) still has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment.

Check out Google AR’s latest additions and don’t worry – only you can see the giant insect on the screen, your cat won’t actually be pestered by dinosaur-age bugs!

Google partnered with multiple cultural institutions, like London’s Natural History Museum and the State Darwin Museum of Moscow, to add new virtual exhibits you can visit in the Arts & Culture app on Android and iOS.

There is a 400:1 scale Cambropachycope, the crustacean you can see virtually pestering the cat above, a 500 million years old creature called Aegirocassis, sharks, and more.

The app also now offers Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, the Apollo 11 capsule, and, for art enthusiasts, multiple Frida Kahlo artworks.

With so many museums closed due to COVID-19 outbreaks, it’s nice to be able to still see the pieces, especially from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t want to use the Google AR Arts & Culture app, you can see them as 3D models on this web page.

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