Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Biggest Changes You Need to Know

The shooter of all shooters has dropped! Activision released “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”, the sixteenth title in the series, last week and we’ve been gushing about it ever since. 

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is a return to its origins, a great storyline that doesn’t sugar coat the reality of civil war, with better than ever graphics and mind-blowing sound effects. And, as ever, with a moral ambiguity that leaves you kind of breathless and uneasy at the end.

Infinity Ward and Activision have given fans what they have been asking for. The title comes with a new game engine, state of art photogrammetry, Direct X raytracing, world volumetric lighting in 4K HDR. 

The audio is impeccable, from the realistic sound effects that make up half of the tension of the game to the stellar voice overs. You have to blink twice to remember you’re looking at a game not a movie thanks to refined motion and face capture. 

In a race against time, through fictitious Urzikistan or real-world settings as downtown London or Saint Petersburg, you’ll feel overwhelmed by the assault on your senses, leaving you drained at the end of a mission.

How is the campaign? Are there still zombies around? How about supply drops?

Find out all the improvements done to the game in the video above!

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