Steam Changes Its Look: The New Steam Library Is Now Available To All Users

Steam Changes Its Look: The New Steam Library Is Now Available To All Users


Valve launched a beta for its redesigned Steam library back in September and now, at long last, it has become available for everyone. The users are encouraged to relaunch their Steam client a few times in order to get the update. 

The redesign aims to allow the users faster access to game updates, recently released titles, the activity of their friends as well as to their own collections. 

You’ll even be able to see which friends are playing what game with just one glance thanks to a friends icon situated under Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. 

Valve is also expanding on the Remote Play Together Beta, which it launched earlier in October, to all Steam Users. This particular beta lets you play local multiplayer games over the internet. It allows for up to four online players to participate in a local multiplayer game  as if they were all sitting in the same room. 

The best thing about this beta is that only the host needs to own the streamed game, which means that it will be way cheaper for a group of friends to play together thanks to this new feature. In addition to that, it’s also cross-platform. 

A new section dedicated to events will allow the users to stay informed of anything happening with the games they own without flooding them with notifications. The developers will have access to all the tools they need in order to notify the users of their upcoming events. 

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