Can One Plus 3 Get Away With A Smaller Battery?


One Plus 3 has reluctantly showed its rumored look in a press render that, granted, offers a more complete view on the handset than previous leaked images. The question is – can a new look and quality display make up for a smaller battery compared to its predecessors? #mobilemagic

Like it or not, famous leaker Evan Blass says the thinner body has put some restraints on the battery size, One Plus 3 daring to come on the market with a 3,000 mAh unit, compared to its predecessor who clocked in at 3.300 mAh. In a time when smartphones are upping their battery size, processor and overall specs, a step back can’t do the company much good…

But buyers might accept the compromise for the new metallic unibody (with a design slightly inspired by HTC and Huawei) and rumored OLED display. That would be an upgrade from the IPS LCD panels the first One Plus’ rocked.

If past features are to be believed, the rear camera will sport a 16MP sensor, with 4GB RAM and 32GB storage or 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. Snapdragon 820 is the most likely processor to be used, as well as a fingerprint reader on the bottom front.

Is this enough to make you give up battery life in the first place?

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