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The Truck Of Tomorrow: Eco-Friendly Nikola One


One company from Utah is seriously challenging the automobile industry with the world’s first eco-friendly semi, called Nikola One #automagic

As you can see, we’re talking about a aerodynamic experimental vehicle that is powered by an advanced hybrid drivetrain with electric motors on board that can spin all the wheels, Li-Ion batteries and on-board turbine. Nikola One relies on the motors to do all the work until the batteries drop and the turbine takes their place, generating electricity. That Plan B system allows drivers to drive almost non-stop, without the need to plug in anywhere.


The company own several natural gas wells that could be used as sources of fuel for the turbine. The alternative is to put it on diesel or gasoline since it’s fuel-agnostic.


If all goes to plan, the truck of tomorrow should hit 60 mph from a stop in just 30 seconds when it’s fully loaded but we have some reservations, since no prototype has been released so far. The images above are just CGI, unfortunately.

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