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Can’t Afford A Sonos Speaker? You Can Now Rent Them and It’s Surprisingly Affordable

sonos rental subscription

Sonos speakers are some of the hottest audio devices in town but they’re not exactly cheap. Now, after collaborating with Ikea for some cheaper Sonos speakers, the company is investing even more in affordability.

Sonos debuted the Sonos Flex in Netherlands, a speaker rental service that lets you rent your audio gadgets for a surprisingly affordable sum.

Plop down €15 ($16) for the “For Every Room” package and you get two Sonos One speakers in your home for a month. 

Go up to the monthly €25 ($27)”For Your TV: and you get another Sonos Beam alongside the two Sonos One speakers.

The priciest option is the “For Home Theatre” subscription which, for €50 ($55) per month, gives you two Sonos One speakers, a Sonos Playbar and a subwoofer. 

If you live in Amsterdam, Sonos also offers a free installation.

A monthly $55 subscription might not sound that affordable but it’s worth noting that SOnos says you can cancel every month, so it’s more of a free trial to see which Sonos products suit you before buying them.

And, since the Sonos One is €229 ($250) and the Playbar and the Subwoofer are each €799 ($875), you’d pay €15 to try a €450 euro package and €100 to try more than €2000 worth of audio equipment.

Asked by Engadget if there are plans to extend the Flex subscription program to other regions, Sonos said that it’s currently limited to the Netherlands and it “doesn’t have anything to share regarding its expansion plans.”

We hope that changes, because the Flex sounds like a very good idea!

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