CES 2018: Kia To Unveil Gorgeous Electric Car Niro

kia niro electric car

Next week, Kia will showcase at CES 2018 the latest electric concept cars and mobility technologies. Photos of Niro EV are proof of at least one gorgeous vehicle the carmaker could bring to the market in the next couple of years #automagic

Kia’s corner in Las Vegas for the following week will be circled by car enthusiasts who are ready to embrace the electric trend. The carmaker is said to prepare for an EV display, of which Niro EV will be a part of. The car looks gorgeous in the official photos, featuring futuristic lighting present in the grille as well. Kia is proud to call it their “motion graphic lighting system”… if you’re one for fancy names.

Unfortunately, Niro is just a concept now, with no production date in sight. That said, it is a reflection of the company’s “future mobility and technology strategies,” so the company might surprise us all and launch it in the following years.

Niro EV will be accompanied by other three “cockpit-style” concepts, each representative for an automotive technology Kia is developing. There’s not much more to go on than what we’ve mentioned already, but if we were to guess, at least one of them is 5G-related.

As you know, the event will pay special attention to 5G connectivity, so it’s probable that the company is betting on such in-car features, too. After all, the new wireless protocol is meant to allow cars to juggle with cloud-based data faster and more secure than ever before.

kia niro

Speedy, reliable connectivity, autonomous features – there are just a couple of keywords for the automotive industry this year.

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