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Norway’s First Paparazzo Took Street Shots Through A Hole In His Pocket

norway first paparazzo

Towards the end of the 19th century, Norway’s first paparazzo was being born. Twenty years later, Carl Størmer would discover his one true love: secret street photography #fotomagic

At the beginning of the 1900s, Carl Størmer was getting tired of seeing the same gloomy face and fixed poses in photos. So, he came up with an idea: what if he hid a camera in plain view to capture spontaneous moments? He just needed the right gear.

The opportunity came in the form of a C.P. Stirn Concealed Vest Spy Camera. The round flat canister could be concealed by his vest, while the lens would stick out through a buttonhole. To trigger the shutter button at the right moment, he just had to do one thing: “Under my clothes I had a string down through a hole in my trouser pocket, and when I pulled the string the camera took a photo.”

The experiment soon became a habit and Størmer ended up taking around 500 secret images. If that’s not impressive, consider this: the photographer was a mathematician and physicist, also, contributing to number theory and studies concerning the Northern Lights.

Here are more of his photos:

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