Robots Are About To Start Delivering Mail In Norway

Buddy Mobility

Norway citizens will soon be able to experience mail robot deliveries thanks to a partnership between the Norwegian postal service Posten-Norge and automation company Buddy Mobility.

The robots in question are basically just big boxes on wheels that travel as fast as 6km/h and can, allegedly, deliver mail for up to 100 recipients per day.

Last Mile Logistics / YouTube 

The robots don’t work like your regular post man though: they will be sending a notification via an app and the recipients can use the app to collect their mail by opening up a drawer that contains just their own letters or parcels.

After dealing with the packages, the robots will return to the nearest distribution center for restocking and a quick recharge.

The robots will first be tested in the Kongsberg residential area before they will start to become more active on larger delivery routes.

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