Alibaba to Introduce Hotel Room Service Robot in October

Credit: Alibaba

In case you didn’t know, Alibaba has a special A.I team which develops the company’s consumer A.I products, called A.I Labs. Recently, it announced the introduction of a new robot designed for the hospitality sector.

The company already has a set of hotel-specific robots that make room service deliveries to guests, in order to keep the human staff focused on other, more complicated tasks.

The newest robot will be delivering food and laundry to hotel guests after they place their orders via a hotel tablet or a Tmall Genie speaker. When it reaches the guest, the robot will simply flip open its top and the drink or food is going to pop up!

Credit: Alibaba Group / YouTube

The robot measures about 3.3 feet (under one meter) and moves at dazzling speeds of 2.3 miles per hour (around one meter per second). It hosts a semantic map and an autonomous navigation system that will help it dodge obstacles. A communications system that will enable it to control elevators is also present, as well as facial recognition technology, for ID checking.

The guests can interact with it via voice commands, touch and hand gestures and the replies are provided by Alibaba’s own personal assistant, the AliGenie.

The robot will be going through a testing period, before A.I Labs decides if it is truly suitable for hotels, offices or even hospitals.

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