Best Buy TV: TCL C76 Fits In Perfectly With Your Bezel-less, Cool Devices

TVs are not going anywhere. This fall, television sets are not only in, but are here to stay. A while ago, their existence was threatened by the rising popularity of TV shows on DVD which led to a shift towards laptops. Today, though, they’re the perfect devices for streaming content and binge-watching Netflix. It helps that the TVs of 2018 are not the bulky boxes our parents grew up with. As we discovered with TCL C76, the TV of tomorrow is bezel-less, boasts 4K display, the best sound possible and is voice-controlled. 

At the end of August, we attended the launch of TCL C76, EISA’s choice for Best Buy LCD TV. As with any award-worthy device, we couldn’t wait to see what C76 was bringing to the table.

From afar, it gave us the impression of a sleek, elegant TV set that would fit perfectly in a minimalist house. The C76 suited techie trendsetters who surround themselves with next-gen gadgets.

Olivier Semenoux, Head of Product Management at TCL Multimedia, confirmed our theory when he described the product: “The design, as you can see, is completely bezel-less, without any frame around, completely flat and flush. We are using aluminum, steel. [It has] a super slim profile – 7.9mm – slimmer than any phone.

As you know, looks are not everything, though.

“What is remarkable [for the TCL C76] is that the sound is front-firing”

When we asked Olivier about the specs, he brought up the impressive 4K display of the TV which can only be matched by terrific sound: “This model comes with a JBL soundbar, the most premium sound [device] you can expect from a European TV today.” All the audio is front-firing for a seamless user experience and the soundbar supports DTS decoding.

He also added that you could expect “the latest Android 8.0, together with Google Assistant and with even more smart assistants to come soon.”

Speaking about the future, TCL also showed the Living Window, a TV concept that can “go either on the wall or on the floor”.

Find out all about it and their future plans in the video above!

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