CES 2018: FotoNation To Introduce Tech For Flawless VR Portraits

fotonation vr flawless portrait

Consumer electronics might be the highlight of CES 2018, but what’s under the hood is equally, if not more, important. That’s why, among concept cars, smart speakers or VR headsets, the tech companies that make those experiences possible will show up as well. We discussed Nissan’s showrunner, now let’s talk about FotoNation‘s corner. The company, an Xperi Corporation brand, is going to be present at the convention with the latest imaging solutions. Spoiler: one of them can make folks look fabulous in VR #realitymagic

FotoNation, the global leader in computer vision and computational photography solutions, is set to start the year with a bang. The company’s top-notch solutions are ready cater to the automotive, action camera and virtual reality industries, as we’ll get the chance to see at CES 2017.

How does VR portrait enhancement sound? This feature could become part of popular VR experiences in the next couple of years. The technology is here – FotoNation is at its seventh-generation face beautification suite, developed to bring together 19 dedicated features that make people look flawless in VR. We’ll have a chance to report on it during next week’s event.

IrisXR™ is another state-of-the-art technology the company will showcase at the event. Just like the one mentioned before, it’s meant to work with AR, VR and MR gear. The company claims to be highly secure with a a false acceptance rate of 1 in 10 million!

Other computer vision technologies from FotoNation are directed towards the future. The company has worked on driver identification solutions for the autonomous cars of tomorrow. Driver profile activation is going to be possible, they say, through biometric registration where iris recognition tech is key. The software is already in motion.

Their facial recognition technologies will be on display, as well. The company has been devising 3D face recognition, taking advantage of the dual camera trend, which should prevent spoofing thanks to liveliness detection.

There’s more – the cherry on top seems to be something they call Face Detection X. It appears that this face analytics technology is driven by convolutional neural networks technology; we’ll come back with details in the following days.

If you happen to be at CES next week, you’ll find FotoNation in the North Hall, #5642. It has been almost a year since MWC 2017, where the company showed its strengths for the first time under the Xperi umbrella. Now, the entire corporation will be in Las Vegas, introducing the latest tech from DTS, Invensas and HD Radio.

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