Cheaper MacBook Line From Apple Might Just Come In Time For Christmas
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Cheaper MacBook Line From Apple Might Just Come In Time For Christmas

Credit: Aaron Yoo

I first and foremost want to state that DigiTimes does not have an impeccable record when it comes to accounts concerning Apple products, but this report coming from Quanta might have a grain of truth in it.

It is not specifically mentioned that Apple is, indeed, releasing a new model but the speculation here is that the brand is preparing a lower-cost update to their standard 12-inch MacBooks, with a possible release later in the year.

According to Quanta, the company will hit the 10 million shipments mark thanks to “orders from Apple’s new inexpensive notebooks“, though what exactly ‘inexpensive’ means is not clarified – the 12-inch models on the market now start at $1,299.

The MacBook Air we currently have didn’t get any big updates in over three years and ever since, Apple has also discontinued the 11-inch model. The only ones that got a bit more in the upgrades section were the 12-inch MacBooks in June 2017, when they were improved with seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake processors  and faster SSDs.

For now, Apple has its hands full for the October event, where they have a pretty solid lineup that consists of highly expected products. Hopefully, with the entire ransomware mess on their trail, the event will not be delayed.

So, if anything, we might get to see something about the alleged ‘inexpensive MacBooks’ and you might just find out you have yourself an idea for a Christmas gift.

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