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Check Netflix’s List of the Best 2019 TVs for Streaming Netflix


The “Netflix Recommended” list it’s been in work since 2015 and in order to be Netflix Recommended approved, a TV must have the following criteria:

  • Get to Netflix within just a few seconds
  • Move quickly and easily between different apps
  • Get the latest version of Netflix
  • Have access to all the newest features for a better browsing experience

Before, TVs needed to have at least five of these seven criteria:

  • Instant on (TV starts up and provides access to apps like Netflix right away)
  • Latest Netflix version (TV must ship with the latest version and support new features like)
  • Fast app launch (The Netflix app must launch immediately)
  • Netflix button (There needs to be a dedicated Netflix button which takes you straight into the Netflix app)
  • Netflix icon (The Netflix app must be easy to find)
  • TV resume (The TV remembers exactly where you were when you turned it off, and pick up from that point there when you turn it back on)
  • High-res Netflix interface (The Netflix app must be presented in at least 1080p resolution, as high-quality as possible)

 TV Resume has now been integrated into Instant On, while an “Always Fresh” criteria round out the seven items.

Always Fresh requires that the TV keeps the Netflix app running in the background, regardless of the TV mode. Therefore, the TV triggers the Netflix app to keep refreshing in the background, in order to completely avoid lag next time you turn on the app and pick your profile icon. In that way, the red circle is replaced by the Netflix home screen right away.

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