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Kindle Oasis Brings a Warmer Light and Bigger Battery

Image source: Amazon

A new version of Amazon’s high-end Kindle Oasis e-reader was recently launched, offering a more comfortable way to read at night.

Considering the last version was considered to be the best e-reader on the market, we have all the reasons to trust this one and its new feature.

Image source: Amazon

The new version of Kindle features controls that allow users to custom the color temperature of the display from cool to warm. Basically, you won’t feel the struggle of reading in a dark room because is easier on the eyes. When you use it, it adds a bit of an orange hue instead of the bright white backlight.

Its upgraded E Ink technology helps the page load quicker and the battery is bigger – up to 1130mAh compared to the last-gen devices of 1000mAh.

Amazon said this isn’t a blue light filter, but more of an additional feature for those who tolerate an orange tint more, suggesting that such a filter isn’t necessary because the Kindle is not backlit. The device spreads light across the page rather than projecting it into your eyes. Therefore, users can read comfortably for hours without eyestrain.

Oasis also has the possibility of automatically warming its display colors in the evening and cool them again in the day.

In terms of design, the screen size is the usual 7 inches and is just as sharp. Oasis features the same two side buttons with functionality in turning pages. Just like its predecessor, the device is waterproof so rest assured if you accidentally drop it in the pool, it will survive.

If you already own a Kindle Paperwhite, this might not be necessary for you, which is also more affordable and has a very sharp screen.
However, you can consider the new Oasis if you have a Kindle that’s a few years old and you want to upgrade.

The new Oasis costs between $250 – with 8GB of storage – and $280 for 32GB of storage and can be ordered starting July 24.

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