Fisker’s Upcoming Vehicle Might Feature a Solar Roof

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Henrik Fisker is the first automotive manufacturer to implement solar panels for a car’s roof.

As the Fisker Karma is dead and gone, Fisker himself has started a new venture, which, apparently have a solar roof, too.

Henrik Fisker recently promoted a new teaser for his company’s upcoming electric SUV on social media. The teaser illustrates a little bit more of the crossover’s back end, while the highlight consists in suggesting this new car will feature a solar roof running the length of the vehicle.
Apparently, the vehicle also has a sunroof, and now we can’t help but wonder these will be implemented together. Until the car will arrive, we’ll just have to trust the manufacturer.

On the other hand, just last week, we got a different view of the Fisker SUV’s back, as Fisker tweeted an image illustrating the car’s roof and D-pillar, featuring a cleverly integrated turn signal positioned high above the taillight.
According to Fisker, this will improve safety. However, it is unclear what benefits are on the table by changing the turn signal’s location.
One thing is certain, from previous teasers we can notice the front end from various angles looking quite.

Ultimately, Fisker has assured that a drivable prototype is expected by the end of the year, so get ready.
As per range, we know is that the company aims for the vehicle to have 300 miles. However, the vehicle’s starting price will stay under the $40,000 mark. We can expect sales to happen in the second half of 2021, therefore we still have to wait a while for the actual production version of this anonymous utility vehicle.

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