China's Nine Month Video Game Freeze Is Nearing Its End

China’s Nine Month Video Game Freeze Is Nearing Its End


In China, before a game is approved for release, it first has to go through a testing phase but months ago, the Chinese government stopped issuing video game licenses and the hiatus has been going on ever since, ranking up no less than 9 months without new games on the market.

Now, as reported by South China Morning Post, Feng Shixin, who works as an official for the Chinese Communist Party, stated that China’s gaming regulator is currently reviewing a few video games and that the licenses for the titles that have, so far been approved, are currently under distribution.

The publishers are required to first hand over the games for an initial review to the authorities before the games can even see the light of day on the Chinese market.

“There is a big stockpile of games for review, so it takes a while, we will continue to work hard. [We] hope everyone can be patient.”

-Feng Shixin

Right now, the regulators are working on dealing with games that feature gambling, violence or pornography.

China has been tightening its control over video games over concerns of myopia and online addiction. Hong Kong internet giant Tencent even went as far as making age-verification mandatory to those who play the mobile game Honor of Kings, limiting play time for minors.

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