Cities: Skyline and Farming Simulator 19 Free in May with PlayStation Plus

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Like clockwork, every month PlayStation Plus users can expect new free PlayStation Plus exclusive games. Where last month, gamers were able to get access to Uncharted 4 and DiRT Rally 2.0, this month PlayStation Plus gamers will get Cities: Skyline and Farming Simulator 19.

Cities: Skyline is, as the name suggests, a game about creating the cities of your dream. However, unlike other city creating games, Cities: Skyline is a full experience. Not only do you build the city, you manage it. You can create ordinances – no cars in downtown, for example – direct where electricity goes, manage traffic and more.

Farming Simulator 19 brings a realistic touch to the farming life game. Gamers have the ability to balance traditional farming activities with tending to animals. One thing that separates Farming Simulator 19 from other farming simulators is the intense realism they strive to bring in with high quality graphics and a full catalogue of authentic farming equipment.

While neither game holds the same name value as Uncharted 4, both Cities: Skyline and Farming Simulator 19 have something for every quarantined at home: a feeling of normal life. Given Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ massive success, these “life simulator” games may be what people need at this moment.

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