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Citroen Amy Buggy Lacks Doors But Offers LED Lightbar

Citroen has reimagined its tiny Ami EV into an even cuter version for playful souls, the My Amy Buggy. This time around, doors are optional but a LED lightbar isn’t.

The My Amy Buggy is an olive and bright yellow vehicle, with removable canvas doors and many other outdoorsy features. Its design was inspired by construction games and fashion and we could see a young adult driving it around.

Regular doors have been replaced with canvas ones that zip up when the mood strikes while the tires are more knobby and wide, presumably ready to tackle any surface. The rugged design continues with headlight protectors and a spare, knobby tire on the roof of the car.

The LED lightbar on top is clearly a good idea when leaving a camping spot at night and the roof cap is great to protect against the midday sun.

That’s not all! Designers thought of comfort, too, with employing a thicker memory foam for the seats. Travelers are encouraged to take the buggy during their adventures, as they are provided with specially crafted luggage.

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3D printing was used as well for smaller accessories, like bottle holders and phone clamps.

While Citroen hasn’t made specs public, it’s worth noting that the Ami could reach a top speed of 28mph and a range of 44 miles with its 5.5 kWh battery. 

As for a possible release date and price, we’ll have to wait – Citroen hasn’t made any such details about the My Amy Buggy official.

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Citroen Amy Buggy Lacks Doors But Offers LED Lightbar
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