The Cowboy e-Bike Is the Best Belgian Thing Since Chocolate

While San Francisco is fighting a war against electric scooters and startups in general, Belgium is embracing the Cowboy e-Bike.

Belgian startup Cowboy just created the most discreet e-Bike we’ve seen so far and quite possibly one of the lightest around. The entire e-Bike weighs 36 pounds, with the battery taking out less than 4 pounds.

That 252 WH battery is hidden in the seatpost and can get a full charge in 2.5 hours, allowing you to go up to 50km in distance. You can track its charge levels on another discrete display.

However, don’t think you can rely on just the battery to get you through town. The Cowboy e-Bike is pedal-assisted, which means you’ll have to pedal in order to move, while the engine and the integrated sensor technology will assist you for a smoother ride.

For easier maintenance, the chain was replaced by a carbon belt and the brake cables are hidden internally.

The other awesome feature of this bike is the Bluetooth-enabled app that allows you to navigate, control lights, find it in case of theft and, of course, access fitness measurements.

The only bad news is that the Cowboy e-Bike is only sold in Belgium at the moment. Hopefully, it will be launched in other territories as well, because the 1790 euro (around $2000) price tag is certainly appealing.

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