Create Content Wherever You Are With World’s First Live Smartphone VR Cam

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VR gears have made visualizing virtual reality content easier than ever… but how about creating it yourself? That’s not an affordable hobby it you don’t have the tools to make it reality. With that in mind, companies have worked at the world’s first VR camera for live streaming from a smartphone #mobilemagic #realitymagic

The largest manufacturer of notebook computers in the world, Quanta Computer, and ImmerVision have partnered up to build a small camera that allows you to make VR content on the go. You simply have to attach it to your smartphone and let the 360 x 187 degree lens do its job, helped by a 16mpx Sony Exmor-HDR imaging sensor.

The yet unnamed camera comes with a microphone for perfect live streaming via Wi-Fi and USB port (if you want to download the footage on your laptop). It can act as an action camera, too, by attaching it to bikes or drones and enabling the stand-alone recording mode. Thanks to ImmerVision, it comes with a custom “Panomorph” wide angle lens that captures hemispherical field of view, while magnifying the areas you’re interested in.

We don’t have a release date or price even, but the fact that this project is backed up by renowned companies makes us believe we won’t be waiting for long.

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