Cuphead Comes to PlayStation 4

Cuphead Comes to PlayStation 4

In a surprise announcement, game developers Studio MDHR are bringing their hit game Cuphead to PlayStation.

Cuphead made waves when it first came out for both its aesthetics and addictive gameplay. Its aesthetic style calls back to the early era of cartoon television. This artistic vision was replicated in the way they made the game as each frame was hand drawn.

Its gameplay also received critical acclaim. Fundamentally a bullet hell-style game, each boss was individually crafted and provide unique challenges. Additionally, even though each boss often took multiple times to beat, the game was designed so one could jump straight back into the fight right after or do so after equipping different weapons to try the challenge again.

Cuphead, once exclusive to Xbox and PC, has since made its ways to the Switch. That it made its way to PlayStation is no surprise. But the best part of the surprise announcement was that it’s available immediately.

Now we await the DLC!

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