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Curious About Bone Conduction Earphones? Rawtronics Has A Deal For You


Rawtronics is currently having a very good deal on their bone conducting earphones right now – you can grab a part for just $40.

If you’ve never heard about bone conducting earphones before, they’ve been around for a while and they do come with some benefits – the technology protects your eardrums and obviously avoids that feeling that you have something inside your ear. You can also still hear what is going on around you, which makes them into a good accessory to have if you ride a bike on busy streets, for example.

If you like the idea, Rawtronics is offering their own headphones in four colors, for one. They feature a home button for touch control and play/pause and you can also answer or reject calls on them, in addition to playing music.

The current discount is available only for a few days and you can access it via the Rawtronics official website.

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