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Despacito Is Bulgaria’s National Anthem… According To Siri

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Siri’s pretty much a life savior most of the time. But even Apple’s virtual assistant messes up, from time to time. Like this week, when it confused Bulgaria’s national anthem with the popular reggaeton song, Despacito #mobilemagic

Earlier this week, Siri got confused at a very simple question: What is the national anthem of Bulgaria? Instead of replying with the answer Wikipedia and other Internet sources easily reveal, Siri went with a far more amusing (and ridiculous) answer: Despacito.

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Although a hit with club goers, this isn’t a song that we’d ever imagine as a national anthem. And yet, what made Siri consider it?

Before we got the answer, Apple did some magic and now, the assistant has no difficulty in pointing out the truth. If you ask the same question now, you’ll find that, indeed, “Мила Родино” or “Mila Ridino” is the actual Bulgarian anthem. The brief state of confusion ended Thursday morning without any explanation in site. Pity…

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