Device Heals Damaged Tissue After It Touches The Skin For A Second

device nanochip healing tissue

What if you could bypass the creation of pluripotent stem cells and just turn skin cells in any other type of cell to heal injuries? That’s what the researchers from the Ohio State University did by creating a nanochip that heals tissue with one touch #todaymagic

In this case, TNT means Tissue Nanotransfection and it’s a tech that can reprogram cells to replace tissue or entire organs. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t require immune suppression, making it already a favorite in the top breakthrough technologies to heal the human body.

TNT is a nanochip device that can be placed on the skin. It gets zapped once with a very small electrical charge to release a biological cargo that travels to the affected cell membranes. Then, the chip is removed and the cargo left to do its job. Scientists say it can be applied in a second, after they have tested it on mice and pigs.

Remarkably, this technology was able to reprogram skin cells to act as vascular cells and regulate a body’s blood flow. In two weeks, the cells had regenerated the blood vessels and helped save leg injuries.  TNT even helped mice recover from brain injuries caused by strokes. “This is difficult to imagine, but it is achievable, successfully working about 98 percent of the time,” said Dr. Chandan Sen. “With this technology, we can convert skin cells into elements of any organ with just one touch.”

The results were so outstanding, that the team from Ohio State is optimistic that human trials can start at the end of next year.



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