DJI Drones Get Indemnis Nexus Parachute System To Operate Safely Above Crowds


DJI’s Inspire 2 drone has recently received a parachute system upgrade, from a company called Indemnis.

It has been created in response to the problem of drones flying over crowds, as they represent an obvious risk: they might malfunction and drop in the midst of people, injuring them either via the impact itself or with the spinning rotors.

The U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not granted – until now -waivers to any operator that cannot deliver a failsafe system that would ensure the safety of the people on the ground.

Various solutions have since been proposed, even a cage to go around the rotors, but, so far, only the parachute idea proved itself good enough for the FAA – this type of system would help the drone be lowered down slowly and safely.

Indemins developed the Nexus parachute system which was designed for the DJI drones and it looks like a small tube that’s attached on the drone. The system goes off when the drone shows signs of falling or even wobbling. At that point a small parachute shoots out within 30 miliseconds at 90mph.

The parachute is designed to avoid the drone’s body and rotors as it goes off, so it can deliver the drone to the ground safely.

The system is the first of its kind that meets the international safety standard.

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