DJI Drones Will Be Able to Detect Airplanes in 2020
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DJI Drones Will Be Able to Detect Airplanes in 2020


DJI drones won’t fly for much longer around larger aircrafts as they did so far, because the company will give them the capability to detect them.

All DJI drones that will weigh more than 250 grams — basically all of them— and that are released since 2020 onward will have built-in airplane and helicopter detectors.

The sensors they will be fitted with is going to receive the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) signal from the airplanes, but they won’t move by themselves; instead, they will alert pilots about the presence of the aircrafts nearby.

The technology mandated by the US government is also used by air traffic controllers because it offers real-time accuracy.

Although the Federal Aviation Administration isn’t mandating ADS-B on drones, DJI has already integrated the tech on Matrice 200 and Mavic 2 Enterprise, among others safety-minded features.

DJI’s drones also integrate obstacle avoidance, geofencing, and altitude limits to prevent near-crashes but they haven’t been as successful as hoped.

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