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DJI To Launch “Spark” Mini Drone Today

dji special event new york spark

Later today, DJI will launch the product they’ve been teasing for a while now. At a VIP event in New York, the rumored Spark drone will make an appearance, as their first mini, selfie drone #actionmagic

DJI is set to launch a new product today, May 24th, in New York. Until yesterday, we weren’t sure if we’d see a selfie drone or a racing one, but DJI’s latest teaser cleared that up:

As you can see in the video above, it’s all about SIZE. If the first frames didn’t point out the obvious, the final graphics sure did. Before the motto of the event appears, “Seize the moment”, you can see the word “Size” pop out. Since the trend is to go small, we can safely assume DJI will present a drone that’s portable and lightweight.

So, it seems that the speculations from the last months will come true. DJI is prepared to launch Spark, a drone smaller than the Mavic Pro. Leaked images have shown the difference of size between the two and it’s significant enough to believe that we’ll be seeing a selfie drone in DJI’s portfolio.

DJI Spark is rumored to ship without a controller, so users will have to play with it via smartphone app. It should have fixed prop arms, a two axis gimbal, collision detection and brushless motors like the Mavic Pro. The teaser video suggests it’s going to be swift and small enough to move through canyons and stacks of books. The company will probably include a backpack for it. The price is unknown, but shouldn’t be more than $500, the price of a Yuneec Breeze.

Stay tuned! We’ll come back with updates during the New York event, set to start at 11:30 AM EDT.

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